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Bunions are excess and/or misaligned bone in a joint, usually located on the big toe. They are caused by incorrect foot mechanics, most often in combination with a natural tendency to develop them. Bunions are three times more common in women. Bunions almost always occur in conjunction with hallux valgus, a condition where the great toe drifts sideways toward the middle toes.  Despite common belief that shoes cause bunions, shoes usually only irritate a bunion that no longer fits in the shoe.  Wider shoes and cushioning pads can help.  An ambulatory surgery is the usual cure for bunions, with 3 to 8 weeks for recovery and a return to shoes, depending on the severity of the bunion/ hallux valgus deformity. 

   Weight-bearing foot X-rays are used to determine the severity of the bunion, and to plan for the proper correction, if needed.  A consult with Dr. Staley could address your concern of a bunion and how to properly treat it.
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